What Is ‘The Talmud’?

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    What Is ‘The Talmud’?

    “The Talmud’ is the real scripture of the Jews and was completed some 1,500 years ago. The Rabbis say that it supersedes the Old Testament.

    Racism Against Gentiles Is Preached In The Talmud

    The Talmud preaches that members of the Jewish race are superior to all other races. It says that the Jews rightfully own all the wealth of the Gentiles and should dominate them.

    Socialism Is A Concept Preached In The Talmud

    The Talmud preaches tribal form of socialism with ownership of property to be controlled by elders of the community. This is the basis of the Kibbutz communes in Israel. Here is the only nation in the world which has voluntarily adopted communal living. The hundreds of Kibbutz in Israel operate many farms and factories. It is of interest that they are always millions in debt and must be bailed out constantly with U.S. Foreign Aid money.

    Marx & Engels Were Talmudic Scholars

    Karl Marx (born Levi) and another Jew, Friedreich Engels, issued “The Communist Manifesto” in 1848 in London. Marx was descended from a long line of famous Rabbis who were so-called “Talmudic scholars.” This is the source from which his communist philosophy springs.

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