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    Each state has its own set of laws regarding different sex crimes and sex offender registry requirements. It is important for any person who has been charged with a sex crime to be familiar with these laws and understand the associated punishments for their charges. The best way to learn about each requirement is to research your state laws or enlist the help of a qualified sex crimes attorney.

    Massachusetts has very specific laws and punishments concerning the knowing purchase or possession of child pornography under Massachusetts state law Chapter 272: Section 29. These laws apply to anyone who “knowingly purchases or possesses a negative, slide, book, magazine, film, videotape, photograph or other similar visual reproduction, or depiction by computer, of any child whom the person knows or reasonably should know to be under the age of 18 years” who is engaged in a lewd or sexual act. Punishments for a first offense of the knowing purchase or possession of visual materials of children depicted in sexual conduct may include:

    <b>Imprisonment in the state prison for up to five years</b>

    <b>Confinement in a jail or a correctional facility for up to thirty months</b>

    <b>Fines ranging from $1,000 to up to $10,000</b>

    <u><i>Both fines and imprisonment</i></u>

    <u><i>Punishments for a second offense may include:</i></u>

    <u>Imprisonment in the state prison for up to five years</u>

    <b>Fines of no less than $5,000 but no more than $20,000</b>

    <u><b>Both fines and imprisonment</b></u>

    <b><u>Punishments for third and subsequent offenses may include:</u></b>

    <b>Up to 10 years imprisonment in a state prison</b>

    <b>A fine of no less than $10,000 but no more than $30,000</b>

    <b>Both fines and imprisonment.</b>

    This law and the associated punishments do not apply to anyone who is in possession of the material as part of the lawful performance of his or her official duty, including law enforcement officers, licensed physicians or psychologists, and employees of an enterprise with the purpose of filtering these materials.

    To learn more about the punishments associated with possession of child pornography or other sex crimes, visit the website of Massachusetts sex crimes defense attorney James Powderly.

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