Child Pornography, Crime, and the Internet Medium

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    Technology has had its fair share of disadvantages. One of them is the increase of sexual exploitation against children and minors. The recent advancement and accessibility of the internet has become an opportunity for sex offenders and predators to go about with their sexual perversions. And what makes it very disturbing is that there is no strong advocacy and support from authorities in order to curb it.

    With the many types of child exploits, pornography is probably the most ignored. It is referred to as the portrayal of sexual content and substance involving minors. Although the most common form is recording and taking pictures of minors with sexual intentions, there are cases of the inclusion of physical contact. The main feature of pornography is the objective to distribute the content using the web and media such as CDs, DVDs, magazines, etc.

    Federal law does not allow anything that may contain a visual depiction through video, film, photo, picture, or slides of a child in a sexually intended manner. For someone to be caught doing the same means being accountable and guilty of a crime and that also includes the individuals who took part in the production, distribution, and possession of the content.

    The main reason why many are still at large and are not held accountable for pornography offenses is simply because there are no recognized and solid advocacy and support policies made by states and governments. Additionally, the most painful thing is most convicted offenders are in fact close acquaintances of the child like friends and neighbors.

    When it comes to statutes and laws established in order to stop child exploitation and pornography, there are varying classifications and definitions. But the nature of this crime may actually involve images and motion pictures that portray or display the genitalia of a minor or even actual physical abuse being recorded such as actual penetration by the offender or through the use of objects.

    But no matter how one debates the actual acts that may qualify as pornography, the main issue here is the abuse and exploitation of children. Thus, anybody who is seeking to abuse minors sexually and physically should be imprisoned for such a crime.

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